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    Connecting Stories
    Connecting Stories
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What Driver Us
For many problems facing our world, we need a variety of solvers; to improve our quality of life and our society.
Humanity is more notice than ever before, and yet we feel ourselves to be increasingly fragile.

Story is a cornerstone of human existence, and it’s what enables to communicate and connect with anyone.

We believe connecting stories can best contribute to achieving a life in balance through a unique combination of developing a global perspective and storytelling.

How We Work

Focus on Human are at our core and are our starting points, as we believe if people truly understand the wonder of being human, they will value their life and not only to be inspired and engaged, but, ultimately, motivated to take action.

Get Involved and Support Our Mission
We amplify and scale the impact of the world’s best minds, those who are striving to achieve a life in balance.
Story telling lies at our very core. From our Studio to our cast and crew, we are all about connecting stories.
Dgraft Channel creates a virtuous cycle of storytelling that inspires people to act and enlightens their perspective.

Our story and aesthetic-driven approach produces works with a focus on HUMAN and gets you closer to the stories that matter.

We’ve programmes for every taste and mindset, ranging from Documentaries which specialises in high-end shows all the way through to Learning for younger audiences. Along the way, you can dip into Entertainment and Talks programme.

With a background in research, academia, journalistic practice and filmmaking, we know that the story always comes first.

“Our Vision and Core Purpose”
Our Programmes entertains and enlightens to better understand the world and the wonder of being human.
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